Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sepuluh Rahsia Untuk Kulit Yang Cantik

10 Secrets of Beautiful Skin

Beauty is only skin deep. That's what we were told anyway. But this is true and any woman can tell you that. You may be very beautiful but wrinkled or sun damaged skin will certainly degrade your look several notches. No matter what kind of skin you have - dry, combination or oily skin, there are tips for healthy, glowing and great looking skin. Here is how to make your skin more beautiful. -

Science has found that you can clear up your skin and make it less likely to wrinkle by eating the low-glycemic food and consuming more vegetables, beans, olive oil, nuts and multigrain breads.-

Scientists also found that you can make your skin clearer after just three months by eating a diet with a lower glycemic load. All you need to do is cut out refined carbs and eat more lean meats and fish, low-fat dairy and whole grains.-

Harmful free radicals contribute to aging skin by doing damage to skin cells. A study has found that the antioxidants in vitamins C and E reduce this damage as well as defend the skin from sun damage.-

The B vitamin biotin and vitamin A are responsible for the great looking appearance of your skin. Biotin plays a part in the formation of the basis of skin while vitamin A maintains and repairs skin tissue. So, have a sufficient amount of these vitamins.-

A study from 2001 found that people with a higher consumption of vegetables, olive oil, and monounsaturated fat and legumes, but a lower intake of milk/dairy products, butter, margarine and sugar products had less skin wrinkling.-

Drinking plenty of water will help the skin stay hydrated which will also improve the appearance of your skin.-

Avoid or at least reduce stress. When you are stressed, the level of the stress hormone increases. This causes an increase in oil production, which leads to oily skin, acne and other skin problems.-

You do not need soap to be clean. Pure water is enough. Soap causes skin dryness. However, use it on your face, under your arms, and in the groin area.-

Quit smoking because it’s bad for your skin. Deep-set wrinkles develop around the mouth from puckering, the skin becomes dehydrated and dull, and premature aging occurs.-

You should exfoliate your skin regularly in order to better its health and appearance. Exfoliation is necessary because skin cells are less operational when trapped under 'dead' cells. When you clean away the dulling layer of dead cells your skin starts glowing again.


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